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Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan concepts has been a great help to my weight loss journey, its advice has been immensely helpful. Starting from the morning and the evening exercise, also meal plans' advice has really helped me to lose weight. I lost almost 6kg within a short space of time.
I would always recommend Dowlan concepts to anyone that needs help in relation to weight loss.
- Adewunmi Adejumo, London, UK
Our Weight Loss Programs
I started this program 9 days ago and I am happy to say I saw results like never before.... I always thought one could exercise and eat what they wanted and still see results. But no, not with Dowlan concepts, the coach is firm and result oriented. And I'm happy with the results so far.
I will continue the program till I achieve my desired/ideal weight.
- Suubi, Abuja
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan Concepts has helped me tremendously. I commenced the 21 days tummy flattening programme. I ate healthy and did my exercise. I went from 82kg to 77kg. Coach Seyi monitored and gave adequate support. Thanks to Dowlan I can wear some abandoned clothes. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to live and eat healthy.
- Tinu Alabi, Abuja, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan has really helped me reduce weight and also helped me know how to eat right. Kudos.
- Juliet, Lagos
Our Overall Service
I joined this program Dowlan concepts in year 2017 and I have been with them all these years.
The program is okay and I must tell you I didn't regret being with them because they gave me exactly what I wanted in my body .
They program is affordable
The meal plan is also affordable
If you have not joined them please join them now, because they will bring your body fit back .💃💃💃💃💃
Thank you coach seyi for the good work you doing here
- Cynthia anieke, Lagos Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I joined dowlan in May 2020.I gained tremendous weight and was having uncontrollable HBP. within one week of the program wow,I was happy with the coach.He makes sure that I follow the program and do my exercises well.Dowlan is really the best.l lost some kgs within one month and HBP well under control.i can really do a lot of exercises.i recommend Dowlan to you reading this.you are in the right place.
- Mrs Ohaji Nkechinyere, Owerri Imo State Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I joined the weight loss program simply because I do not want to add body fat and weight during the lockdown. But before then my daughter had enrolled and the results seen on her also encouraged me . I must confess it's a decision I never regret. The benefits on my overall wellness is great. I feel so refreshed inside and outside. Although once in a while I feel lazy about doing the exercises but it's overall benefits has been a motivator.
Hmmmm.... Coach Seyi wonderful guy. He is Indeed acting in his calling. I call him monitoring spirit ( laugh) he does not mind calling to know if you are on track. " He will ask how are you faring, are you doing your exercise, do you have any complaints, please talk to me" and so on. 35 is his desired waistline for me. Still work in progress. But one thing is sure.. I am even more conscious of what goes through my mouth now.
It is true that we are what we eat. It is better we eat our food as medicine than to eat our medicine as food. Dowlan Concepts is worth giving a trial.
- Mrs Adekunle ( mummy Tope), Lagos
Our Weight Loss Programs
I am an ambassador of Dowlan concepts because of what my stature has become. Initially I was using size 22 wear but now 16.
My tummy flattened to 29 from 45, my weight dropped drastically to the extent that my husband who has been chasing me to lose weight and flatten my tummy is begging me to stop. In all, I am 50 years this month but I look 30, all the pictures I took have left so many in awe asking how did I do it. It can only be God with the help of coach Seyi who will not allow you to rest with series of questions as if.......... . It takes determination and discipline to achieve it. I'm not stopping because I feel healthy and active. Thanks so much Coach Seyi God bless you.
- Yetunde Mary Akinsanya, Abeokuta
Our Weight Loss Programs
I came across DOWLAN CONCEPTS on my friend’s WhatsApp status and enquired how it worked and she showed me pictures of people that had enrolled in the program and results achieved so I keyed into it . Today I can tell you I am also a benefactor of mr. Seyi’s good works. Before I started I felt so heavy, I was depressed that I started looking for any means to make my belly fat shift. I tried different weight lost coaches, gym and on a particular day I stumbled upon a site on Instagram I chatted with the lady and she asked that I sent the picture of my tommy which I did and she said I would pay 93 thousand Naira for her to send me tablets and meal plan to make my tommy go down, I almost gave in because I was desperate but was discouraged by a friend.

To cut my story short I met Coach Seyi and my story changed, my tommy in 3weeks, I am still in Awe of this. Am so excited I feel so lit, I can jump into my clothes without looking for girdle to get fit.. God will so bless you for what you do and how you reach out and at a little amount.
- MODESTER Alozie, Abuja
Our Weight Loss Programs
I started this weight loss journey 3 weeks ago and my weight was 84.4 while my tummy was 39", but today my weight has dropped to 81kg while my tummy has reduced to 35.5" . I'm still work in progress, but I'm encouraged and I know I can still do better. All thanks to Dowlan concepts and my Wonderful coach for his patience and his words of encouragement, apart from the fact that I have lost some fats I'm also glad I now eat healthy and I feel very light and my skin is glowing😉
Thanks Dowlan concepts!!! Thanks coach Seyi.🙏🙏🙏🙏
- Tolulope, Ibadan
Our Weight Loss Programs
I don’t even know where to start from but I guess I will have to tell you everything
It all started in 2017 when i saw their advertisement on Opera mini (Naira land site)
Though I didn’t join because I didn’t actually believe that one can lose weight with our regular Nigerian foods but the other mind kept telling me to join finally I joined but didn’t take it serious and finally I stopped that same month in 2017 but last month April 2020 during the lockdown I became double of my size🤦‍♀️
But this same company through which God almighty has blessed me with a wonderful coach Seyi charged me up on whatsapp after seeing my status and asked for my recent pictures and i sent him...
Coach Seyi encouraged me In such a way that giving up wasn’t even an option.
Now from 42inches belly to 39inches belly in 2wks,a whole lots of differences in my body
Seriously Dowlanconcepts is the best for a healthy weight loss journey and also a beautiful lifestyle to adapt to with their Nigerian meal plan surely you will achieve your desired body goals
Thank you Dowlanconcept
Thank you coach Seyi 🥰
- Juliet, Owerri
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan weight loss program is affordable and convenient by making use of easily accessible and always available food products. The program help me to lose love handles, body and tummy fat easily within 4weeks. I was able to wear a dress that I have abandoned because it was too tight showing all my curves but now hang freely on my body and my skin glows. Healthy eating and exercise has now become my habit, I can carry myself very well and no body pains following any activities whatsoever. The coach support is superb, I give it to coach Seyi. God bless Dowlan concept, God bless the coach greater heights all the way in Jesus name.
- Tolulope Adetona, Ogun, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
My name is peace Shadrach ,
I had three weeks to my wedding and I did not like my tommy size, I was 42 that's my tommy size and I was connected to DOWLAN , and got connected with coach seyi
even my husband to be have not monitor my movement like coach seyi e.g he will say peace what are you eating?
What have u eaten ? have u done your exercise ?

Even if I want to eat something outside my plans I get scared cos I feel coach seyi is watching ,
My tommy size is now 27 from 42, and this program will keep me to a life time, eating healthy is now my surname
Thanks to DOWLAN
Thanks to coach seyi
- Peace Shadrach, Uyo akwaibom state
Our Weight Loss Programs
I came across Dowlan concepts through a client of mine in 2019. He posted about Dowlan on his WhatsApp status, I had interest and ask him how I could participate and he gave me the contact of the admin. Good enough, dowlan packages are very cheap and affordable. I registered and began my journey on weight lost. There's nothing like slimming tea or pills with Dowlan. All you need do is follow the meal plan with some little indoor exercises. "Self control and dedication is the key to achieve this result" my body started feeling light, frequent sickness and visit to the hospital stop, menstrual cramps was gone, insomnia was gone. Lo and behold, people started commenting on my new look, and I was like waooooo It's feels good to eat and live healthy. Health is wealth my people. Choose Dowlan concepts and trust me, you won't regret you did.
- Modupeolaoluwa, Lagos Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
To say that Dowlan concept (Coach Seyi) did a good job is an under statement. He's doing an excellent job in ensuring I achieve my target, (still on the matter)Yes, target, my goal to fit into my size 12 with ease.

He's annoyingly patient, even when you think I can be rude to get rid of him, he doesn't give up, then U ask yourself, why should I give up on myself, if this man is not giving up on me

He's the best in this career, he's a wonderful being, even when you think, your time has elapsed, he will tell, you cannot leave until u achieve your goal.

To me, the money charged is ridiculous compared to the amount of effort he puts into the program.

He Calls, chat U & discuss your program with you, he doesn't know how to get angry, perhaps he should pay me to learn that 😁.

A good number of people have started the program seeing the kind of success I have achieved.

Eating healthy & flexible exercise.
Consistency is the key, if you believe, U can do it, You will, don't limit yourself, take action today, after all, the body fat is not good for you.

Did I mention that people now crush on my new look, As I now wear size 12 conveniently from size 14, Now weigh 76 from 85, 75 is the target.
Each day I want to go out, I have to adjust my clothe, thank God I have sewing machine.

Don't ask for my photo, cos husband didn't approve that.

God bless Coach Seyi
God bless Dowlan concept.
Say *NO* to excess tummy fat
- Oluyemi Olujide, Akure
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan concepts, I came across them through a friend who posted her before and after picture, I was curious to know how and what she used! She explained that someone introduced the coach who happened to be a client of where she worked, she later sent the contact, asked her to give me an hint which she did scantily this got me more curious. I called and to my surprise it was a male that answered,we got talking and from it I was assured the guy I was talking with knew what he was talking about.
This program has really helped me in controlling my portion when eating, the exercises hmmm really does have a very good effect on the body. For me as a person I did enjoy working with coach Seyi. He is a motivator, an encourager, a goal getter, ready to push and take you to the pinnacle of success provided you are ready to work along with him. Each stage of the program is exciting and I bet it with you there is no regret whatsoever in the program.
I was in school recently, the comments from people ehn! Made me so proud of my coach, thanks for not giving up on me despite my many queries that I threw at you even at the shortest time frame.
I will surely continue with this program no matter what
Thanks for all the dedication and love shown
God bless and keep you
Toyin Olulowo(Teetoo)
Ibadan, Nigeria
- Toyin Olulowo, Ibadan, Nigeria
Our Overall Service
I got to know about this program through my boss,i saw her posted her weight loss progress picture on WhatsApp so i asked how she achieved it,she gave me the coach's number and i hooked up,i started the program on the 21st of Oct with a belly size of 34inches and body weight of 60kg i was so amazed when i checked my weight after 2wks, that i had lost 5kg and lost 5inches from my belly,i now have my confidence back this program has helped me in the aspect of drinking water more because i wasn't a water lover like that ,i feel lighter, i eat healthy now,i sleep fine now my shape is back people are noticing my shape and am so happy i was able to refer someone also to join the program thanks to Dowlan for the transformation God bless you (Amen)
- Elujulo Mojoyinola Opeyemi, Ogun state
Our Weight Loss Programs
Before I taught it was impossible to lose weight, but with dowlan concepts, losing weight is easy and so possibly. The most interesting thing for me was that I can still eat my Nigeria food and lose weight. They are just the best
- Patience ekaji, Abuja
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan Concepts' program is excellent; the benefit you get from the program is higher than monetary aspect involved, I believe if someone can continue with this program it will increase life expectancy, reduce diseases and make you looks younger than your age. Thanks to Dowlan for making me look Under 18 even at late 30s, living healthy. DOWLAN CONCEPTS IS A PLACE TO GO.
- Aderonke, Lagos Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I got to know about the program through my aunt when I saw her amazing transformation.I decided to give it a try,
I registered for the 3wks plan and infact it was a wonderful experience (Meal plan and Support from coach was top notch
If u have tried so many things to get rid of that FAT with no result,I strongly recommend Dowlan Weightloss concept. Thank me later😁🤩
- Damilola oseni, Ogun Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I was indirectly insulted by a friend that madam what happened now, you are big oo, I understood it was not some praise but mockery because of the facial expressions she had. I discussed with dowlan concepts' coach and the programe began, the program didn't only help me to lose unwanted fat but also helped me to control what I eat or drink. Dowlan concepts is the best, try it and you shall be glad you did!!!
- Bola Mustapha, Lagos, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
This weight loss program has helped me to eat healthy, live healthy and maintain a healthy life style with exercise, water consumption and also helped my family too. Thanks to dowlan concepts for this achievement and the success of the program on my part.
- Mrs Ojo Toyin, Ibadan, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
When I thought nothing could be done to reduce abdominal fat I saw this link and decided to join sometimes in 2018. During registration I remembered I fought with coach Seyi on why I was such a doubting Thomas and after all said and done, we started the 4weeks program.
The first week was like hell was going to let loose because I had to stay off junks but by the second week the body was getting used to it and I had started receiving comments from my parents and neighbors asking me how I was getting rid of this excess tummy. I was happy and pleased and that was the zeal that kept me till I finished the program and afterwards. Thank you Dowlan Concepts.
Our Overall Service
Infact, a very big 👍 to this program, I thought it is a joke, I was always running to my doctor because I was having this constant chest pain, one day my doctor said to me, lady momo if u can work on ur weight all these pains will disappear for good. Luckily for me my niece introduced me to this amazing program, I was very committed to achieve my goals, I started and each week I keep seeing changes both on my weight and my skin. Infact right now I can breath well, no more Chest pain, joint pain, I have not run to my Doctor in 4 months now, people admire me a lot now, I am looking so good and I feel real good. God bless my coach. This program must grow from strength to strength.
- Kelechi momodu, Ogun state
Our Weight Loss Programs
DOWLAN concept has really helped me a lot,I still maintain my eating habits, KUDOS to u👍🏾COACH SEYI
- Pereira ibironke, Lagos,nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I got to know dowlan through my sisters, I was out of shape and it started affecting my health badly. I started the program with fear in me due to the fact that I was going to starve my self, which was a lie. In Dowlan meal plan you can not starve, but yes it was hard at the beginning, yes I found it very difficult because I was not use to it. What I love so much about this program is our coach, "I will never give up on you" those are his words no matter how stubborn you think you are he will find a way to get to you.

My result started showing after 3weeks of the program. That gave me joy to continue and enjoy the exercises with the meal plan. In one month I dropped 10kg, yes I still have long way to go oh, but am thankful to God for using Dowlan to teach me the right food to eat each day. Thank you coach, I know that I gave you troubles and God bless you for not given up on me....
- Ruth Obiefuna, Lagos Nigeria
Our Meal Plans
I approached Dowlan concept when I realized i had gone out of shape and had a elaborate pot belly. Dowlan concept with all dedication provided a meal plan and exercise regiment that got me feeling so much better about myself in just 2-3weeks.

Even with the end of the program, their dedicated staff follows up to ensure I continue to eat healthy and live healthy.

Dowlan concepts has armed me with information on how to eat and live healthy for life. Thank you Dowlan for your amazing work.
- John, Abuja, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I'm glad I came in contact with dowlan concept. The concept works wonder through change of diet, regular exercise, commitment and determination. i reduced drastically to the extent dat people are asking are u okay. So grateful I made up my mind to do this and I'm still doing it cos it makes me healthy
- Yetunde, Abeokuta
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan concepts really added value to my life and helped me to regain my self esteem. My weight dropped from 76kg to 65kg, the program also taught me on eating healthy and shedding of fats. Kudos to our able Coach and thanks so much for this initiative.
- Adeyemi Modupe, Lagos, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
This program has taught me on healthy diet and living, Dowlan concepts you are wonderful.
- Toyin Deborah, Ibadan, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan concepts made it easy for me to control my diet using natural methods and this in turn helped me lose weight.
- Chiazor, Lagos
Our Weight Loss Programs
It is really amazing, my tummy obviously went down in six days. I'm so excited and even can't wait to finish the programme. Thanks to Dowlan Concept, thank you my wonderful Coach Seyi
- Princess Oyinlola, Ekiti, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
When I first saw the testimony of some people that took the program before me I always thought it was a lie until my sister convinced me to give a trial. But now am I positive that this program is the best because I have tried several therapies before Dowlan program which didn't work but before I finished my 21 days program I saw the changes, I am so happy I did this program. Thank u coach Seyi for all ur effort.
- Kemisola Ogunyomi, Ekiti State, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
Well, Dowlan concepts has really helped my eating habits. And I have lost so much weight and got my tummy Flattened
- Temitope Oladipo, Ibadan
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan concepts is a firm with different and unique ways of transforming people's lives in a special way. I had their program and I restored back my beauty, all thanks to my amazing coach for his support and monitoring.
- Animashaun Omobola Kafayat, lagos, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan is the best, I can't imagine that my tummy can come down thank you coach seyi, I really appreciate you you sir.
- Oniru abiodun, Lagos. Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I joined Dowlan Concepts weighing 114 kg and within 3 weeks, I had reduced to 105 kg and there was a big reduction in the size of my stomach. My colleagues at work started telling me I need to change my top because I was hanging in it. My wife told me I have stopped snoring after the reduction. Dowlan Concepts, Thank you very much.
- Imokhuede Ozoya, Lagos
Our Weight Loss Programs
The program really helped me develop myself and my eating habits.
I dropped about 10kg during the program
- Sola, Lagos, Nigeria
Our Overall Service
I thank God for the opportunity of meeting dowlan concepts and may God continue to use them to bless people with good health.

It was just like a joke or play within a twinkle of an eye I got back my shape without stress or high cost. Dowlan concepts you are so amazing, thanks so so much more kudos to my coachy. Love you all.
- Mrs chioma Amadi, Lagos, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan Concepts is really a good and reliable organization, when I started with them people were discouraging me but I didn't bother because I know what I wanted. But now I am really in my perfect shape, just in 3 weeks, Dowlan Concepts changed my look, and I didn't take any slimming tea or skip my meal but it happened. ☺ Kudos to them, and their coach is really an amazing person. Thank you Dowlan Concepts
- Happiness, Ado Ekiti
Our Weight Loss Programs
I keep thanking God that I enrolled in this program. Dowlan Concepts has really changed my life for good. I have trimmed down my body size, especially my big tummy. I am super excited and happy
- Mrs. Gloria, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Our Weight Loss Programs
I did Dowlan concepts' weight loss program and it was a success. The instructor is a goal getter, he will put you on your edge . I did all the exercise and I saw result. Thanks you sir.
- Mrs. Sola Faranpojo, Lagos Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I am so amazed to have joined this team, it's really surprising how much i have achieved my desired body in just 14 days of joining Dowlan concepts. Their program works like magic
- Tari Ayebakuro, Port harcourt
Our Weight Loss Programs
No be small thing oooo, I am looking more younger and fresher everyday, dowlan concepts has done more blessing to me and not harm, more power Sir. I can now eat healthy and know the best time to eat, more power to ur elbow sir. God bless you richly as you changed our robothous size to our desired size. Thank you all.
- Mrs Uju, Aba Abia
Our Weight Loss Programs
The programme has help me on incredible weight loss I feel so much healthier,stronger and younger
- Adebola Louisa, Ibadan.
Our Weight Loss Programs
Its been a while I had a weight loss program with this amazing coy to get my tummy trimmed and my desired shape.
And up till very moment, I'm still enjoying what I call "super service care"
One of such is regular hallo, reminder of what to eat, workout to do to remain in shape and whole lot more.
The words are not enough to express my experience with Dowlan concept. Please link up with them and enjoy a super wellness and younger version of you always.
- Adebara Abiola, Lagos Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
I did the weight loss program with Dowlan concepts and ever since, I have been enjoying my new look and cloths.
Even my husband is tripping a fresh....
Thanks to Dowlan an over sized woman into a very beautiful Lady again.
- Margaret Shams Adam, Kaduna, Nigeria
Our Weight Loss Programs
Dowlan concept has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to find time to exercise daily, which was not the case before. I am able to monitor and ensure am eating healthy. I have lost some weight and people around me are noticing the change. Its sure worth it.
- A A, UK
Our Weight Loss Programs
This program has made me a beautiful lady again with pride... With lots of doubts i started but with much faith and proofs, i have learnt how to eat properly, exercise my body, and how to stay healthy in all ways... It is a whole healthy approach.
- Ayomide, Abuja
Our Weight Loss Programs
Just when i thought i had lost it, Dowlan Concepts came to my rescue.
- Mrs Winifred, Abuja
Our Weight Loss Programs
Since i finished the program, i no de chop pass 2-3btsp of any food again o. My stomach has reduced seriously and i eat more of veggies and fruits now. Dowlan Concepts, thank you for the program, i am enjoying my new self now oo.
- Mrs Margaret, Abuja
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