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With the rate at which diseases spread easily, giving our kids the right meals that boost their immunity and their brain health cannot be overemphasized and this is where Dowlan Concepts comes in. With several years of experience to our name, we keep helping kids everywhere to maintain a healthy lifestyle necessary for their overall growth and development.
Reach out to us now, let's tell you the right foods and habits your children need
Our Best Selling Book

Improve your Child's Memory with Food and Techniques by Olanipekun Oluwaseyi
Knowing the right food your children should take to improve their overall brain health is very important. And in this book, Mr Seyi, our CEO, goes into full details of the kinds of foods our kids need to take to have a solid Mental performance and he not only talks about foods, he talks about techniques and things they should (and can) do to have a powerful memory. This book is a MUST BUY for parents

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Hayat International School, Abuja
We had a mind- stimulating and educative seminar at Hayat international School Abuja. It was indeed an interesting one. Parents and teachers learnt how they could further help to improve memories and overall well being of their children with healthy food choices and lifestyles.
Seminar at a children program, Kazit
Here are pictures from a seminar we had at KAZIT for teenagers. It was quite eventful!
Seminar on Children Nutrition we had at Greater Heights' School, Ibadan.
Here are pictures of the seminar we had Greater Heights' school, Ibadan, it was an eye - opener for the participants of the event
A Seminar we had at Cerulean Academy ipaja, lagos
Here are pictures from a seminar we had at Cerulean Academy Ipaja, Lagos
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